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These are brand new to my product line, and they are so fun! Clients are loving them! A Mobile Gallery App is an infinitely shareable digital photo album wrapped into a neat mobile app package – which you can download and save to an unlimited number of mobile devices. Send friends and family an email with the download link (directly from your mobile gallery) so they, too, can download your session album to their mobile device!

What exactly is a Mobile Gallery?
It’s a special photo gallery app that displays all your session images, which can be downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. In fact, you can download it to as many different mobile devices as you want! There’s no limit. You can give the mobile gallery to everyone in your extended family, if you like! Basically, I send you an email with the download link, which you’ll open on your device to start the fast download process. It places a custom app icon on your home screen with one of the photos from your session, so you can just tap on the icon whenever you want to show off your album to a friend. You can forward the email (and download link) that I send you to everyone you want to share your mobile gallery with, or, even easier, you can click on the “share” button within the app to send the link directly from within the album.  There’s no limit ~ share the entire album with whoever you want as often as you want!

Can I print or download the images from it?
The app uses standard web technology, so sticky albums look awesome on Apple devices, but they also work well on android. The images within the mobile gallery cannot be extracted individually or printed. The images are screen-resolution only, and are not meant to be printed.

This is such a fun addition to your session, and such a valuable sharing tool! No more fumbling around with a disc of jpeg image files that are too big to email, trying to find a way to re-size them smaller to upload them to the web, or emailing them 5 pics at a time. Now you can share ALL of your IMAGES instantly with all your loved ones! Easy Peezy…no formal photography education required.


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