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Family Fun

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Last Sunday I got the chance to shoot Monica, Jayson and their families. It was a afternoon of smiles giggles and all out laughter. They really know how to have a good time. The thing I love most about photography is being able to interact with all types of personalities. While you learn to work with those with a less than amiable nature, it’s the times, like I had on Sunday that are the motivation to continue my journey.

Monica and Ashley

Last Sunday being Father’s day, I was pleasantly surprised by my now 4 week old daughter’s gifts. I will take credit, but not all the credit for her ability to get the cash, a way to the store and back home and the coordination to wrap the gifts for me. Then she with some assistance from the fiancée drove us out to eat at Red Lobster. I enjoy eating there; the Cheddar Bay Biscuits are excellent.

The day was filled with everything I could have asked for on a Father’s Day, laughter, family and good times.
More to come.